The Safest Guide Posts, Marker Posts, Signage and Roadside Delineation Products


Delnorth Pty Ltd

Delnorth manufactures in Australia. We supply flexible, passively safe, roadside delineation posts, signage and signpost solutions, bollards, traffic lane dividers, installation equipment and product accessories worldwide. Contact us to find out how our products can benefit you.


High Quality Manufacture

Our products are made from high quality, corrosion proof, UV and impact resistant materials. They include flexible guide posts, bollards, signs and frames, lane dividers, anti-glare products, delineators, accessories and vandal resistant fittings.



Improved Roadside Safety

Our product safety is the highest possible and intrinsic to the design and materials used. Our flexible products recover to their original shape after repeated vehicle impacts. There are no sharp edges or parts to catch or injure.




Steel-Flex Saves You Money!

Supported by a 10 year conditional guarantee, Delnorth Steel-Flex post products massively reduce your maintenance and replacement costs. Easy installation and post flexibility reduces the risk of injury. Savings in the order of  $300 over the lifetime per guidepost are normal compared to plastic or conventional steel products.


Popular Products


Premier roadside all steel flexible guide post

Steel-Flex® is the most durable roadside delineator post available, globally. It is roll formed from a special grade of high performance flexible steel, protected by ArmorGalv thermal diffusion galvanising, cleaned, then powder coated to the highest quality to provide a high gloss, UV resistant colour finish. This unique manufacturing process results in exceptionally high corrosion resistance and long life under impact. Steel-Flex is guaranteed for up to 10 years and lasts a lot longer in most applications.

CE Certified MK 69246203 0001 and tested to MSZ EN 12899-3:2009


Safest, most cost effective roadside solution for signage

Sign-Flex® is the name we give for our range of virtually unbreakable, UV-resistant and graffiti resistant signs for any permanent or temporary signage application. Light weight, safe to handle, and highly durable, Sign-Flex is ideally suited to temporary work zones where durability and safe repeated handling is important. Sign-Flex can be fitted with impact resistant frames, supporting ribs or any of our equally impact resistant Poly-Flex posts. Sign-Flex is compliant to all roadside standards, and will exceed your expectations for durability and expenditure savings for all your roadside signage needs.


First choice for delineated flexible bollards and lane-dividers.

Lane-Flex® is recognised internationally and domestically as first choice for delineated flexible bollards. Lane-Flex rebounds to vertical immediately and survives repeated heavy vehicle impacts and wheel-overs. Delnorth Lane-Flex is available in sizes from 300mm to 1m and in a wide range of colours with reflective delineation bands fitted to suit your needs. Lane-Flex is used to channel traffic flow, discourage vehicles from unlawful and unsafe manoeuvres, yet allow emergency vehicles and law enforcement authorities to safely drive over them. Lane-Flex is Australian made, is very highly visible and has a range of fastening methods to suit your application and location.

CE Certified MK 69246204 0001 and tested to MSZ EN 12899-3:2009



Most durable roadside signpost solution

Poly-Flex® flexible sign posts, frames and bollards are passively safe. When hit by a vehicle they deform to absorb impact, before recovering to their original shape. Delnorth Poly-Flex signposts are highly cost effective and provide a safer road user environment through continuous sign display. Fitted with our Sign-Flex flexible polycarbonate signs, Delnorth Poly-Flex products provide a complete solution for ongoing high maintenance costs and road user safety concerns. Poly-Flex signpost products are highly recommended for locations such as traffic islands and roundabouts. Available with surface mount or socket mount flexible bases.