Established in 1992, Delnorth have earned a reputation globally for passively safe, long-lasting and cost-effective products that meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications.

Delnorth offers a large range of roadside safety products including flexible road edge guide posts, asset & hazard marker posts, bollards, lane dividers, flexible signs and signposts, anti-glare products, delineators, equipment, accessories and fittings. Our roadside product safety is the highest possible and intrinsic to the design and materials used. Manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions, Delnorth products are proven to reduce maintenance and replacement cost, minimise injury risk, and provide safe continuous delineation for road users.


Delnorth continually invest in research and development.

Delnorth continually invest in research and development to deliver innovative roadside safety products that meet the demands of the market, in a responsible and efficient way. With manufacturing in Australia and distributors worldwide, Delnorth is able to offer exceptional service experienced advice, and unparalleled quality.

Supported by a 10-year guarantee, Delnorth Steel-Flex® products significantly reduce your maintenance and replacement costs. Ease of installation and post flexibility lessen the risk of injury to installers and road users.

Delnorth products are manufactured
from high strength, corrosion
resistant and UV stabilised materials.

Investing in the latest technology, Delnorth manufactures
products to the highest standard and can customise
products to suit any application including a full range of
product colours, graphics and customised delineation is
available to suit your needs.


How we make it


Performance and innovation place Delnorth at the forefront of the roadside products industry.

Our commitment to service excellence and consultation positions Delnorth as a preferred partner to a wide range of government, construction and corporate clients.

Delnorth services all regions from our offices with representatives located across Australia.

Delnorth is ISO 9001:2016 certified
and committed to maintaining
Quality Management Systems.

Our commitment to the highest quality standard is one of
the many reasons Delnorth is the preferred supplier for
National and State Road Authorities.