Delnorth is a world-leading manufacturer of road edge delineation and utility marker post systems, passive sign supports and impact recovery bollards. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed US and European standards and specifications.

Products are manufactured from high strength, corrosion-resistant and UV stabilised materials. ISO 9001:2016 accredited and committed to maintaining quality management systems, Delnorth manufacturers using the highest a quality materials and parts, one of many reasons Delnorth are a preferred supplier for National Road Authorities.

Delnorth has the most extensive range of road edge delineators and marker posts systems available. The range includes the most popular innovation Steel-Flex® flexible road edge delineator post, designed and manufactured to exceed the performance expectations of the road safety industry. Since the launch in 2004, Steel-Flex® has become a market leader and is exported to over 30 countries globally.

Dura-Post® Flexi360 is the most flexible guide post product on the market, a 360o fully flexible boxed edge delineator post made using high-quality HDPE. The post can withstand extreme weather conditions and will self-align to vertical on impact from any direction.

Delnorth also specialises in the design and manufacture of utility marker post systems for gas and water pipelines, telecommunications cables, fire hydrants and other service assets requiring long life surface identification.

Our head office and manufacturing is located in Australia. We export to over 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.