New Lane-Flex® Pro Bollards

Civenex 2020

The team at Delnorth look forward to another great year at the


The latest innovative product hot off the manufacturing press is our Lane-Flex® Pro bollard, a progression on the highly sought after, top quality Lane-Flex® flexible bollard.

Lane-Flex® Pro is a premium polyurethane bollard designed to enhance the safe and uninterrupted flow of traffic in positions where the traffic flow direction is manually changed.

Lane-Flex® Pro is suitable for peak and off-peak traffic direction changes, and can also be used to define highway crossovers or ‘no-go’ buffer zones. The 450mm bollard is removable and safe for emergency or law enforcement vehicles to drive over when required and will rebound to its original position after impact. High-quality 3M delineation specified for adhesion on to round bollards.

Contractors using the Lane-Flex Pro along busy highways across Sydney have confirmed the Lane-Flex Pro is twice as visible at night than other bollards and confirmed the reflective tape survives much longer.

Made in Australia from premium grade UV stabilised polyurethane, the Lane-Flex® Pro provides long life and unrivalled durability. The UV stabilised gloss orange provides greater visibility during the day, and the 9 tier strips of 3M Class 1A delineation provide greater visibility at night.

Other colours available on request, custom delineation and embossing are also available.

For more information on our unique and innovative heavy-duty flexible bollard system, call our friendly team on 02 4033 6500 or email